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About Our Choirs

The philosophy behind Handfuls of Harmony is that we want to sing because:

Singing is a natural human activity

It's not just for an elite few or for 'good singers'.

Singing makes you feel great

The sense of wellbeing associated with singing is clearly evidenced, and coming together with others to produce an amazing sound can be a deeply satisfying and uplifting experience. We always leave our rehearsals and performances buzzing!

Singing is a shared experience

It enables us to feel connected to each other. Every voice in a choir is equally important. We also reach out and connect to others when we perform our songs in public.

As well as our adult choir, we run choirs in our local primary schools. This allows adults and children to sing together in performances. Our groups meet at different times and places, so that as many people as possible have the chance to join in.

  • Our Adult Community Choir meets at St Francis Church, North Road BS3 2AN

  • Our School Choirs rehearse in their schools in South Bristol with school and choir teachers

Please see Sing With Us to find out more about each choir.

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