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Reviews of Handfuls of Harmony


These are a selection of (unedited) comments written by choir members and audience. 

I ♥ singing with the cwire


I ♥ CHOIR! Thankyou everyone for making it so much fun ☺

I love singing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Really great concert. The children sang beautifully – full of rhythm and fun.


I loved the bit when everyone sang together. 


Love singing


I hope I can do it next year. I ♥ it! Freya Yr 5


Really super! Keep up the good work!


Community is what keeps us together in HARMONY


Lovely to hear the community singing together. Such a well-thought-out mixture of songs very well arranged too. My son has really enjoyed singing in the choir. Thanks!


Really good. Adults especially have improved massively from a high base. Colours do not work. Either school uniform or “H of H” t-shirts for the kids would be better.


Excellent evening enjoyed by all


Awesome !!! x


What a fab community event – great to see all ages participating.  Loved Pricetag!


I whant to do it again ♥ thank you Ali Teagan


It was grait singing Katie Higgs xxx ☺


I really enjoyed singing with everybody in all the songs. Singing with the adults was great fun! It was a great way to meet new people! Maisie x


Such lovely harmonies. Really enjoyed it when the audience go to join in.  More please. Karen ☺


I really enjoyed the round it sounded excelant! I think we should have more concerts like this! I loved singing with the adults! It was great comunication! Freya x


I ♥ SINGING !!! ♥


A great way of getting the community together.  Sooo positive and healthy.


Really good performance – well done everyone! Loved Pricetag!! The children were excellent!


I enjoyed having Ali and the choice of songs.


Excellent, well-led choir. Simple learning methods makes it accessible to all. More choir members makes sounds more powerful – strong harmonies. Especially effective when children are singing together with adult choir. Love Kake Lambe, Tonga and Wichichayo


It has all been an amazing experience again!! Marit


Great choice of songs. Fantastic sound. Tony


I like proforming in front of are mums and dads. Milli


I think it was great.  Happy sad angry. Jessica


I'd like to know the last song better. Caitlin




I think everything was good and great.


It was great!




Loved it! Really good!


I love Qiar


Love the show ♥


I loved it


I am pretty proud of what I have sung and I think everyone who sung today should be proud too. The harmonys were beautiful. I really think all the hard work paid off.


Good show ♥ Gracie


Really loved it when I was in the concert and enjoyed it.  Thanks Ali from Ellie Biggs


I what to do it again Amelie


I think that it was great and Finkyou Ali ☺


AMAZING ! Ashton Vale 2014 May x


It was amazing. I wish I can go again. It was a grait consert. Thank you Katie Higgs xx


I love it all. Grait


I loved it -Colleen


It is great


Love the harmonies. Love the range of songs. Love singing! Thanks


Having access to the songs and different parts on “box” is very helpful.


I really liked happy because it's a happy song


I think it is very great and going well. ☺


I think everything's great and fun.


I love coming to the choir each week – a joyful experience – always feel better after singing. Ali is a wonderful teacher. Only negative - don't like red, purple, orange!


Do we want a break in adult choir sessions.


Thank you. I really enjoyed singing today!


It was grat. Happy was cool Jasmine


More songs with adults and children together


Very fun and friendly – would be good to recruit more Ashton Gate parents


Very impressive and enjoyable. What a high standard for so few practice sessions.


Really fun and welcoming choir. Ali is fantastic – never negative or critical – always so encouraging and positive. Please can we continue as long as possible.


Just wonderful – good to do 6-8 week blocks of singing.


Good workshops. Nice atmosphere. Singing with children so good.


It was fabulous.


I liked the choir songs. Rachel


It was great having all ages together – children, adults, grandparents and teachers, parents and neighbours! Fantastic.



I like the church Isobel – Luckwell


Good to see the boys (and men) taking part


It was great singing with the adults close by


Great to hear traditional songs (Burns) More please



Very good. Jack House was great !!!



I like the juice and biscuits. I also like the feeling when we all sing together 



I liked the jammy dodgers but we were aloud more!


I lick the songs


I love singing with Miss Yardley and Ali so much ♥


Thank you

Well done everyone


I love the adults and children. WOW Fantastic !!! Levi Year 4


Wonderful harmony of skills, vocal range and rhythm for both old and young. A choir of heavenly voices.


I like songs


I love singing and Happy !! Megan


Marvellous mix of songs – fantastic singing. More, more!


I really like it and the songs. I think it's going on really good. I love it very good. Great !!


I liked us all singing different part because it sounds cool!


I love happy! All very good!


I love the sound it's amazing. I would like there to be much more concerts just like this one.


I like the bouncy music ☺!!!


I like the bit where groups sing different parts.


I thought it was fantastic. My daughter's been rehearsing at home and it was brilliant to hear all the songs come to life so gloriously!


Good choice of songs. Well dun Ali, Mike and Miss Yardley xxx


I like it when we sing rounds.


Loved all songs


It made me feel a part of something special


I love Kakalamb and the river is flowing because they sound like a medevil banquit Freya Yr 5


I love singing


I have enjoyed singing at the concert and the joy and happiness on people's faces. Today especially has been so much fun! Naiomi Year 6


Great sounds! Hope folks enjoy listening as much as we enjoy singing.


A lovely afternoon singing. Choices v good – v important. Keep going to advertise!


I like the biscuits !!!


I like it when we all sing together.


I think we should have more biscuits

It made me feel part of a great community


I loved the joy in the room


I like the sound


Good cunduckting Ali ! Jasmine


I loved all the colours


Such an excellent and soul nourishing performance! Thankyou!


Great sound Martin


Worth the trip from France John


A great opportunity to sing with the children as well, especially as my daughter is in the choir.


Lovely to see the children from different schools and adults all together. Well done!


I like it by maybe next time after each song let the children sit down after the songs!


More jolly songs


I like the singing of different music. I ♥ singing !!!


What an uplifting evening. Well done!


So good! Amazing harmonies


I love Kakalambe Austen Year 4


I really liked practising for the concert. It was really fun !! Steph Year 6


I love it when we all sing together ♥


I loved it all! Great variety of songs, great harmonies, great to see kids and adults singing together and infectious enthusiasm for singing. More of it!


More songs together with the school groups


I love singing


Was great, just like last time! Good job!


What a brilliant event and such fabulous singing. Uplifting. Let's have more!


A step down from the stage


I love the lovely beating flowing tune


I cannot think of a better example of community than this and what a beautiful sound. Walter


A simply magnificent oratorio! Wonderful to share in the harmonious celebration in our community and generations represented! Food for the soul – we are gorged !! S & P


I like the adults singing with us From Kiera F




At the end of Happy – there was HAPPY! What didn't fit in?


Another amazing concert, sounding absablooming amazing. We miss all of you but hopefully we will be back in the Autumn! ….... Lisa & Lin Gunter


It was brilliant. Lovely to see and hear. Wishing you all the best in future concerts.  From Julie, Shaun and Mollie


It's a lovely think to do and it's fun


I think it is fun


Amazing sounds


First time – really loved it – nice to see children and adults mixing together.  Hope to carry on for many years to come Compass Point – Sean Biggs


Very good – had a lovely evening


Heart warming ♥


Absolutely loved it


Fantastic beautiful sounds. Joyful – moving Josh


We love singing with the kids. It gives us both a wonderful experience making music


I loved it all especially seeing and hearing my grandson sing for the first time


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