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Schools & Teen Choirs

Our School & Teen Choirs are an essential part of our Handfuls of Harmony group. Although each one meets in its own place, we come together as a group of schools for a couple of rehearsals before our performance - including one with the adults from the Adult Community Choir.

We are very ably assisted by teachers within each of the participating schools, and provide training and support for them through the term. 

The songs that we learn come from a range of cultures, and include modern pop songs as well as more traditional music. The sessions are fun and engaging, and children speak very highly about their involvement with Handfuls of Harmony. 

Currently the participating schools are:

  • Ashton Gate Primary School

  • Ashton Vale Primary School

  • Compass Point Primary School

  • Parson Street Primary School

  • Southville Primary School

  • St Mary Redcliffe Primary School

Lush Voices - the teen choir - is held after school at Ashton Park Secondary School. 

If your child would like to take part, please speak to your school office about becoming involved.

For more details of how to get involved, please do contact the lead choir teacher at the school, or contact us if you are having difficulty tracking them down!

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