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Why do I sing?

There was the new-term excitement, of course. The first week back for our core choir, and the chance to catch up and meet people again: to slip into the conversations about Bristol City's season, life as a teacher and the wondering about what we'd be singing this term. And, of course, the chance to sing again.

Over the past 3 years, Handfuls of Harmony has become a really important part of my life. I've found friends, a great community of people who enjoy singing our hearts out together. I've found the joy of singing with my family, who have taken part in the children's and adult choirs. I've found lots of laughter - including the moments when we all go a bit wrong (or was that just me?).

But I've also just re-found my love of singing in a group. And that's been a great thing.

I hadn't been in a choir since I was 18 - longer ago than I'd care to admit. So when my children and wife joined Handfuls of Harmony, it sparked something that made me want to join too. I was a bit nervous about what it would be like. Would I have to read music? (No.) Would I like the music? (Yes.) Would I be made fun of when a sung the wrong note? (No.) (Well, not too much...)

For me, our core choir sessions are a great release, to use my voice in a powerful way, blending it together with a large crowd of others to make something beautiful. It never ceases to amaze me how we can make such great sounds just with our voices, how the harmonies mix together and complement each other.

So, roll on Thursday evening. And if, like me, you would like the opportunity to sing in wonderful group of normal people, come along and join us.

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